Stay local, borrow local, spend local

This year we are celebrating 40 years supporting the members of Black Raven Credit Union.

We have seen our members through good times and bad times. We want to be here for you, our members. That’s why we are asking you to get behind our new campaign: Stay Local – Borrow Local – Spend Local.

What is it?

Your Credit Union supporting you, local members, the local community and local businesses.

In these difficult times, Black Raven Credit Union want to support the local community and economy with its recovery.


While you’re staying local, where you can, please spend your money locally. Each time you support a local business, you keep at least one more person employed. The government is doing what it can in terms of financial relief and other initiatives, but that can only go so far and for so long. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to us, the local communities and customers, to support these businesses.