CU Online FAQ

I can view the login page but have got a message “Invalid Access Details”.

This means that you have entered either the wrong Username, Pin or Password. Please ensure you have typed it correctly, Username and Passwords are case sensitive. If you are still unable to login or if you receive a message telling you that you’re Username has been suspended, then please contact your Credit union for further assistance to re-enable you Username and to reissue your Pin to you.

How do I know my details and information are kept private?

When your browser and our server are establishing a secure session they will exchange data which is encrypted and we establish a session for the period of your use of the site. This session is used to encrypt all the data as it passes through the Internet including your account details, transactions and loans details. The information is decrypted only when it reaches your browser. Part of SSL Protocol used in the encryption involves using a Message Authentication Code (MAC) which will not be accepted by your browser if the information is tampered with in; further ensuring your information is kept safe.

Your privacy and personal information is protected in several different ways on our website:

  • A PIN is issued only to members of the Credit Union, and your PIN application details are checked against the credit union records.
  • Your online account is protected by a 3-tier login, which is usually your Username, your PIN and your Password. You should not reveal your PIN to anyone including Credit Union staff.
  • When you log into the members area, your login details are encrypted while passing from your computer to our web server, limiting the chances of revealing your information should it be intercepted en route. The site uses 128-bit SSL encryption. The integrity of the encryption is verified by your browser which can recognise the digital certificate installed for our website, and inform you if the certificate is valid or expired.
  • The Members Area will automatically close your session after 3 minutes of being idle, which helps prevent revealing your personal information should you be away from your computer for an extended period. You should logout of the Members Area when you are finished.

The security certificate was issued by a company that is not trusted message.

The login page and the Members Area pages are digitally encrypted by a secure certificate to protect the integrity of information passing between your computer and our web server.

It has been confirmed that certain browsers have trouble recognising the Digital Certificates installed on our web server. This is because our Digital Certificate supplier’s details are not listed in the certificates database of these browsers, or the certificates database has not been updated. Unfortunately there is no central authority which provides links to update the certificates databases of browsers.

Please be advised that if you do receive this message when entering a secure section of our website, that your details are being encrypted, and it is safe to proceed. Upgrading your browser to the latest version will resolve the issue in most cases.

What can I do to help ensure my online security?

In order to securely use our service, you should always:

  • Ensure that you connect to the correct web address.
  • Ensure that your browser indicates a secure session.
  • Ensure that you click the Logout button when you have finished.
  • Keep your Member Number and Personal Identification Number ( PIN) secret.
  • Take care of your information once it has been delivered to your browser.