Switch on to Credit Union Electronic Payments – Launching 3rd April 2018

Within the credit union we pride ourselves on providing top quality service to our members, the people who own the credit union.  And we are delighted to announce that members can now do more through their credit union account.

We are introducing a new electronic payment service which means that members can now make payments directly into or out of their credit union account.  And we are delighted that we can currently offer this service to members with NO FEES OR CHARGES.


Have your wages/private pension paid directly into your credit union account
Have a number of government payments paid into your credit union account including:

·        Old age pension

·        Child benefit

·        Disability benefit

·        Widows/Widowers pension

·        SUSI Student grant payments

Set up standing orders and direct debits on your credit union account
Schedule single or recurring payments to bills
Save money with no transaction fees

If you would like further information on this please call us on 01-4610682.