40th Anniversary of Black Raven Credit Union

40th Anniversary of Black Raven Credit Union Ltd.

40 years ago on the 14th of May 1980, Black Raven Credit Union Ltd held its inaugural Board Meeting.

The first Board of Directors were a group of like-minded friends, co-workers and colleagues who saw their peers requested to complete onerous questionnaires and interviews when applying for credit, only to be refused in many cases.

They believed that inclusive financial services were a right for all, where anyone seeking a credit, or a savings facility should have access to these services and be treated fairly and respectfully.

The first Board of Directors who are photographed above were as follows:

Back Row: Joe Kennedy, Catherine Banks, Dan O’Sullivan, Sean Carey, Billy Coman, Tom Sheehan and Louis Monks.

Front Row: Billy Leonard, Brian Clarke, Dara Monaghan and Brendan Clinch.

Their spirit of cooperation and inclusivity lives on in the ethos of Black Raven and the past  and current Board of Directors and Management continue to keep this ethos to the forefront when planning the strategy and are faced with making key decisions at Black Raven for the benefit of Members.

Today more than ever, credit unions are providing a vital service to their Members. In fact, during this global pandemic, credit unions have been designated essential service providers by the Government. Credit Unions continue to meet the financial needs of their Members and are as relevant today as they were back in the 1980s.

Many credit unions, including Black Raven, continue to provide financial services on a non-for profit basis where the year-end surplus is distributed back to Members in the form of dividends and or interest rebates. Credit Unions also invest in many social and environmental projects. They are an integral part of Irish society with more than 2.3 million Members throughout Ireland.

Later in 2020, when this current phase of the pandemic has passed, we will celebrate the 40th Anniversary together. In the meantime, we thank our Members for continuing to support us by using the services we provide.

While we recognize that Members have an abundance of choice when it comes to financial services, we ask that you consider contacting us when considering borrowing for small medium or large projects.

As always, we are happy to discuss options and the benefits of borrowing with your Credit Union.

Yours sincerely

Susan Lynch